Help to buy fighter jets for our pilots and protect Ukraine from the invaders!Let’s close the sky by ourselves!
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Dear friends, our Air Force is in pressing need for aircraft. The safety of our cities, our military and our children depends crucially on them since now Ukrainian pilots are able to repel air attacks against civilians from aircraft. 
Since the beginning of russian aggression, we have been asking NATO to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine or give us fighter jets. But the world governments are afraid of escalation and the conflict spreading beyond the territory Ukraine. Taking into account such geopolitics, Ukraine now cannot buy any aircraft. But, as it turned out, we all can do it – international procedures of arms market allow this.
Generally, the initiative “Buy Me a Fighter Jet” comes from our fighter pilots who know for sure how to make the most effective use of aircraft to win. The entire fundraising process is carried out legally and transparently. All is needed from us is money. 
If we will get fighter jets from our partners for free, donations will be spent on support of Ukrainian Air Forces. Reports on that will follow.

Our goal is to buy and hand over to Ukrainian pilots the aircraft Su-24, Su-25, Su-27 and MiG-29.

Our guys are ready to fly on more modern aircraft such as F15, F16 and F18, but the process of maintenance is much more complicated and expensive. Stations of the aircraft need can be reviewed here.


It seems impossible to raise funds for an aircraft. In fact, it’s not true. One new MiG-29 aircraft costs about $ 20 million. However, there are many Su and MiG aircraft in the world that are not used for the purpose intended, and the owners of these aircraft are willing to sell them at lower prices.
For this reason we address international companies, businesspersons and all who can join the initiative. With the world’s support we will be able to buy enough aircraft for our pilots to secure the sky over the peaceful cities of Ukraine!
Join! Teamwork makes the dream work! 




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RAISED FUNDS: ~ 9 443 540 ₴ and $41 424 and 171 524 USDT

Apr 18, 2023


Aviatsiya Halychyny
Aviatsiya Halychyny
Ukraine Media Center


  • Is it really possible? How does it work?

    International arms market is a broader notion than political negotiations at the level of states. Indeed, now partner countries provide Ukraine with certain weapons. But when it comes to airplanes, there is no political will of partner countries for a number of reasons. 
    However, with the appropriate coordination with governmental bodies, we can buy an aircraft on the arms market (as a third party) and hand it over to our Air Force. Then the pilots of right units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to use it to defend our Fatherland.    
    Briefly about the purchase scheme of the necessary aircraft:
    1. Our fund is intended for fundraising and engaging all indifferent people in the initiative (including media, patrons, famous people and responsible business establishments). Our aim is to involve donors who can donate significant amounts. This will definitely accelerate the campaign’s success;
    2. The State Concern “Ukroboronprom” (Ukrainian Defence Industry) has been notified about the campaign (a memorandum has been signed) and it will engage in selection of aircraft and the purchase process;
    3. In fact, as for now, our role is to find donors and raise the necessary sum to buy fighter jets on the arms market.

  • Which aircraft are better? Perhaps, we can raise funds and buy the most modern aircraft right away?   

    Ukrainian pilots are ready to fly on more advanced models than Su-27 or MiG-29, such as American fighters F15 and Swedish JAS 39. However, maintenance (spare parts, consumables etc.) for such aircraft is far more expensive. In addition, using these models in the war includes not only flights, but also maintenance works, and to arrange it at a high-quality level, specialists and extra resources are needed, as well as time. Now everyone realizes that even an extra hour means lives of civilian Ukrainians. 
    That’s why, simultaneously with the fundraising, representatives of the Ukrainian Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will consider proposals and options for the purchase of those aircraft that will be able to defend the sky over Ukraine in the shortest possible time. The procedure is as follows: 

    – search/consideration/selection of commercial offers;
    – examination and inspection of the aircraft by experts at the station;
    – purchase/transportation/handing over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • Why is it so important to find aircraft for armament? 

    We often hear that “the anti-aircraft defense has been working” during air raid alarms. But we don’t clearly understand how it happens. We won’t tell you about anti-aircraft systems, but one of the ways to repel russian airstrikes is the work of our pilots and aircraft. That is, having received additional aircraft, we will provide the opportunity to better repel attacks from the sky (including missiles).  

  • Who is the recipient of the funds?

    First of all, it is prohibited for the military to engage in fundraising. That is why we have registered the Charity Fund “Aviatsiya Halychyny” to raise funds transparently. You can check our ID number in the State Register here. The founders of the fund include representatives of “Aviatsiya Halychyny” and the public. The Fund will work to fulfill the needs of the Ukrainian Air Force in wartime and after our victory.

  • Why does a newly created fund raise funds? 

    This is not the first time the brand “Aviatsiya Halychyny” has collaborated with Ukrainian pilots. Mainly, it used to be collaborations on sewing uniforms and clothes for our air aces, as well as technical support.
    But now we live in the times when everyone does things that probably would not have come to mind in other circumstances. Having heard about the request of our guys to buy the fighter jets, the representatives of “Aviatsiya Halychyny” have joined the initiative group (together with representatives of Ukrainian aviation) to help as much as possible. After all, pilots and the military are now defending our country on all possible frontlines, so they don’t have the opportunity to raise funds by themselves. 

    The newly created charity fund is currently registered exclusively for the needs of the campaign “Buy a Me a Fighter Jet”, and will be used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the future.    

  • What if Ukraine will get jets for free?

    If we will get fighter jets from our partners for free, donations will be spent on support of Ukrainian Air Forces. Reports on that will follow